“My child comes home from class and tells me which plants are good for various kinds of healing.  Not only do the kids learn about nature in Nature’s Mystery programs, but they do so from an approach based in respect for a child’s natural rhythms and for the magical world that children naturally dwell in.  This combination–direct contact with nature and education about the natural world from a Waldorf approach is, it seems to me, a perfect antidote for what ails the modern world.  It is what every child needs and deserves.” – Rebecca


“It is so inspiring to see Nathaniel’s natural love of children and the outdoors combine into an educational experience that the children will long remember.  He reaches out to young ones in a very natural, observant way that totally connects with their way of looking at the world.”  – Pat

“I and a few friends of mine have had our children in [the coming-of-age mentorship] program. It’s out of this world, but on this earth more than anything I’ve experienced for children yet. This is the real deal. Hosanna and Nathaniel are incredible mentors, leaders and igniters of the true spirit of magic in a child’s soul.” – Julia


“I recommend Nature’s Mystery’s camps for children of all ages and walks of life. The instructors are kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. They provide rich experiences that are not only filled with wonder and excitement but also foster growth and allow the exploration of inner strength and capacity. Rites of passage, the learning of wilderness skills, and how to collaborate as a group are genuine opportunities for children who increasingly lack a connection to nature.”   – Nadja, parent and Waldorf class teacher


“The programs offered by Nature’s Mystery have been phenomenal. We’ve taken part in the afternoon programs and the no school day programs that run all day. We’ve also done the summer camps for the past two years. As home schoolers it has been great to see my daughter learn outdoor skills. From plant and tree identification to tracking animals, she has learned a lot. She comes home from class excited to share with me all that she learned and experienced and counts down the days until the next time. Thank you for inspiring an appreciation of the outdoors and helping her to understand nature.” – Christina

The Fawn Lily Kindergarten emanates a true purity of heart, love, respect and commitment to providing a beautiful garden for childhood wonder, exploration and open ended playfulness to thrive and be fully ignited!  It is quite effortless to experience a felt sense of thoughtful intentions woven throughout every song, soulful gesture, game, nature walk, snack and story brought to the children. The teachers are so kind, gentle and knowledgeable.  It is a joy for both my children and I to be in their presence!” – Willow


“I appreciate the program directors solid reliability and the happy comments I hear from other parents. As the parent of a four-year-old, I deeply appreciate his skills. He has a gentle, playful, relaxed, and perceptive way of being with children, and yet his strength as a leader shines through also; he is both respected and trusted by little ones.” – Grace

“[My Child] did Cougar Cubs and absolutely loved it!  It was the highlight of his week.  I feel like it really helped him to open up and come into his own self.  I think the program also helped encourage a real passion for nature and exploration as well as bonding time with some sweet friends” – Jenna


Our son has been an ongoing participant in the Nature’s Mystery Awareness School’s afternoon, immersion, and summer programs.  He has had extremely positive experiences in all three programs in which the highly trained (and very enthusiastic) teachers instill a strong sense of responsibility, kindness, personal awareness, and confidence in the children.  Our son has learned skills in knife carving, including safety and etiquette, identifying and harvesting wild edibles, tracking, and team-building.  Beyond the skills that are taught during the programs, the children develop rich friendships with one another.  We are thankful this program exists as it has greatly enriched our son’s confidence in interacting with the natural world and has taught him important skills that he will be able to use in many different situations throughout his life. Most importantly, it is impossible to place a value on seeing your child covered in mud, wet from head-to-toe, running toward you beaming with joy after a day spent in nature with friends and loving teachers come home and say he can’t wait for his next outing!  We highly recommend Nature’s Mystery Awareness School programs. – Jesse and Sabrina


“I have so enjoyed seeing [my son] learn and grow during his time at Fawn Lily forest Kindergarten. I especially loves how he now makes up sweet little songs for the various activities we do throughout our days out and about and at home. Fawn Lily has helped him embrace the specialness and sacredness of these moments.”  -Tao


“Farm School” should be part of every child’s kindergarten experience! Being outside all day has helped my son to regulate himself. Taking away the pressure of walls allowed him to come into his own under the influence of nature. The inspired guidance of Mr. Nathaniel brought the forest to life, and the sweet disposition of the animals helped [my son] to learn the world is much bigger than he thought. Thank you for a tremendous experience! – Erica


“[MyChild] came back from [Nature Spirit] Camp yesterday literally GLOWING in the most amazing way. Thank you.  She is having such a truly wonderful experience.  Thank you so much for doing what you do. She is having the most amazing time!” – Jennifer