Nature Spirit Farm & Forest Camp


Come explore a magical land of luscious gardens, oak savanna, ancient woods, and farm homestead where your child will have the opportunity to learn directly from the lands and the animals that sustain us.  In the forest we will splash through hidden creeks and ponds, playing games and sharing songs and stories.  On the farm, we will gather eggs, feed the rabbits and learn to milk the animals and celebrate the summer in style, with homemade ice cream, straight from the cow!  Families are invited to join us for ice cream and storytelling at the end of the last day.



Registration closed for all Summer Offerings until further notice!


Though, much of our experience is immersed in the outer environment, we also support each child’s independent and interpersonal needs with caring attention and creative mentoring. Each year of camp is specifically tailored to meet the needs and enthusiasm of the present group; you can check out our Activities Page to see what sort of activities and curriculum inspire our camps.

Values We Evoke –   Gratitude, patience, confidence, humility, honesty, integrity, creativity, courage, curiosity, and joy.


Location – Camps will take place at Echo Hollow Botanical Preserve and Moo Waddle Waddle Farm (25 minutes South of Eugene).  Rideshare options available from South Eugene. 

Cost – $198

Scholarship. Nature’s Mystery Awareness School is committed to providing greater access to holistic nature education for youth in our community. Please consider making a donation towards our scholarship for other families, if you are able.

We understand that cost can be a barrier. We offer payment plans, sibling discounts, some scholarship, and work exchange opportunities. Please fill out our scholarship application by Online Application to apply.

*Older children, or highly mature younger ones, will be considered for admission to any of our programs, on a case by case basis.


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