Spring Break Camp

For ages 7 – 11 *

The Southern Willamette Valley is abundant with opportunities to learn directly from the land that sustains us all.  Each day we will navigate the land with our sensory and extra-sensory awareness,  as we experience the awakening of Spring!  We will share the secrets of wildcrafting and native plant medicine, practice ancestral skills, and enjoy a sense of timelessness with each other and nature.

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Unlike a typical camp structure, our Spring Break Camp (nature immersion days) are designed to follow the curiosity of the specific group of children that have gathered for the day.  Weaving games and activities throughout our day, we match the energy and interest of the group at any given moment. Check out our Activities Page to see what sort of activities and curriculum inspire our camps.

Registration closed for Spring 2020!


Location: All five days will take place at Elijah Bristow State Park. Read more about this magical land below.

Drop off and pick up at Friendly Park in South Eugene for each day trip to Elijah Bristow.

Cost and Registration: One day ($60), Multiple days (%5 off for each additional day), or the entire week ($255)!  *Important: When you register below, select the number of days you are signing up for and then indicate the specific dates in the additional information text box on the registration form.  Registration form in the blue box at the bottom of this page.


What to Expect:  During our week of Spring Break Camp, we will embrace an easy rhythm of exploration, giving the children time to be with the elements.  We will meet native plant teachers like Cottonwood, Horsetail, Nettles and more, as we meander with the streams and rivers of Elijah Bristow State Park.  Each day, we will awaken our senses more and more to the language of the land through games, crafts, and stories.  We will craft with what we find, weave, and widdle, following the excitement of the group. We finish our week by making flame through hand powered friction, in order to enjoy a special end-of-week treat cooked on the fire!Spring Break Camp supports the children in accessing their wild nature, connecting experientially with the changing season, and learning about their home, the Western Cascades bio-region.  While our experience is immersed in the outer environment, we also support each child’s independent and interpersonal needs with caring attention and creative mentoring.


Elijah Bristow State Park is located on the Middle Fork of the Willamette River.  We will explore its diverse ecosystems, which includes 847 acres of scattered meadows, woodlands and wetlands.  At Elijah Bristow wildlife nesting and habitat areas fill the park’s islands and sloughs, including Osprey, Great Blue Heron, and Beavers.

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