Warriors of the Noble Heart

Apply now for new group forming Fall 2019 for boys ages 9-11!

In this time of rising social challenges, when many children in the modern world begin to turn away from nature in search of acceptance into popular culture, we offer a valuable opportunity for deepening connection, friendship, adventure, and service.

Warriors of the Noble Heart is a three year journey for the adventurous of heart; boys who are ready to take their first steps into manhood.  Together we learn to honor the feminine and masculine energies within and around us, as we deepen our sense of belonging with all of whom we share this land.  The fundamental format of the journey will remain consistent for all three years, with the curriculum shifting each year from awareness of self, to awareness of community, to awareness of the planet as a whole.

Coming-of-Age Mentorship

As mentors, we bring our presence, authenticity, and life’s experience to guide and support the cultivation of each child’s unique strengths in service to our local and global communities.  Our approach is inspired by teachings and life honoring practices held sacred amongst our ancestors and indigenous cultures around the world.  Through deep listening and trust in our ongoing relationships with the children, we craft activities and challenges that inspire each participant to access their inner wisdom and confidence.

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Elements of the Journey

  • Monthly nature excursions (One Saturday/month, Sept. – May)
  • Monthly wisdom council gatherings (One Thursday evening/month, Sept. – May)
  • Mid-year parent wisdom council
  • End of year, 5-day Rites-of-Passage Camp (June/July)

1) Monthly Nature Excursions – Once a month, we depart from our meet-up location in Eugene to explore the beautiful terrain around us. Each place offers unique opportunities for self-discovery and nature connection. During our time together, we will learn about local flora and fauna and the ways various people of the past and present interact with the land. As we attune our bodies and minds to the lessons that surround us, we will learn to listen deeply to what is present in each precious moment. We integrate sense attunement practices with “bushcraft” (native botany, herbalism, bow drill, pit fire, basketry, and the like). Outings are a full day, 9am – 5pm and take place on a Saturday, approximately two weeks after the Wisdom Council. All trip locations are located between 30 and 90 minutes from Eugene. Transportation is provided throughout the school year, though we do ask for volunteer drivers for our end of the year camp.

2) Monthly Gathering & Wisdom Council – Council is an ancient communal practice of speaking and listening from the heart. The guidelines presented provide a sacred and safe space for exploring questions that lead the children to a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. From 6-8pm one evening each month we will gather to discuss a different topic and whatever questions are most alive for us. The council itself lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. The rest of the evening includes some free-form social time and guided activities. Each participating family will host us for one gathering during the school year, for which an adult guardian of the hosting family is invited to join (typically Fathers with the boys, Mothers with the girls)*. Our first gathering, coinciding with the Autumn Equinox is a welcoming ceremony in which parents and siblings are encouraged to join. The last council of the year, all Mothers/Fathers come to share some of their own story and wisdom with the group.

3) Year End Rite of Passage Camp – At the end of each year, the Warriors of the Noble Heart join the Tenders of the Inner Tide to share with each other some of what they have learned. Each group undergoes a series of age-appropriate challenges to prove their readiness to take the next step on their path. They will also have an opportunity to demonstrate their maturity through service to their families, who are invited to join us for overnight camping and the closing ceremony to honor our children for their completion of the year. Boys and girls are responsible for clearing campsites, building, and tending a central fire, preparing food and cleaning up afterward. Year one is a five-day intensive with one overnight for which families are invited to join; year two includes two family overnights; and year three includes a participant-only, three night camping expedition.

Themes of the Journey

Year One Focus: Self

We begin by orienting ourselves to our bio-region. While exploring how the environment influences our individuality, we sharpen our sense, invite deeper contemplation, traverse our edges of growth and strengthen bonds and trust within the group.

Year Two Focus: Community

We expand our awareness to include our greater community, reflecting on the culture of each of our families, friends, neighbors, those who grow our food and teach us how to cultivate a resilient and compassionate local economy. We visit with the stewards of sustainability education centers, who help us get our hands dirty and bodies engaged with natural building, food production, and tending of our planet and animal communities.

Year Three Focus: Earth

We broaden our focus to include the planet as a whole, deepening our relationship to all other beings with whom we share this Earth. We will look at how our understanding of community shifts, as we take in the teachings and stories of elders, change makers, and teachers from across the globe.

*Please read full program description for additional elements. 


Commitment: Far more than another extracurricular activity, coming-of-age mentorship and rites-of-passage are a crucial missing link in our society. A serious commitment and prioritization on behalf of everyone involved is necessary for the highest integrity of this journey. Priority will be given to families able to commit to the full three-year duration. A minimum commitment of one-year is required to apply.

Full Mentorship Journey Description

Warriors Application

To Apply:

1) Read the full journey description and agreements (link above).
2) Complete the parent and participant application and mail it in along with a 25% deposit check (non-refundable upon acceptance) to Nature’s Mystery P.O. box 741 Cottage Grove, OR, 97424.  Your check will be held, uncashed, until acceptance.
3) Upon receiving and reviewing your application, we will schedule a time to interview the applicant and meet with your family.


Program Cost and details

Cost is $1130 for the first year; $1270 for year two and $1380 for year three. (Transportation and supply fees may apply.)

**Our scholarships are designed to provide greater access to nature education for those in need. We do not turn away any family based on financial limitations alone. You can fill out a form online, or give us a call to discuss your situation.

Community Support Mentorship

Nature’s Mystery Awareness School is a community supported non-profit endeavor. We invest 100% of our time, energy, and financial resources in our mission. “To cultivate a peaceful, socially sustainable, and ecologically regenerative future in the hearts and minds of today’s youth.” Please consider supporting us through a tax-deductible contribution to our scholarship fund and/or outreach efforts.


Please call 541.521.8658 for more information.

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Child's Age

11-12 years old, 9-10 years old

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