Tenders of the Inner Tide – Year 2


Tenders of the Inner Tide is a three year mentorship journey. This coming-of-age journey is designed to lead a group of six young girls through the initial steps of their transition into womanhood.  Our approach is inspired by the teachings and practices of our ancestors, still held sacred amongst the few remaining indigenous cultures of the modern world.  As mentors, we bring our presence, authenticity, and life’s experience to guide and support the cultivation of each child’s unique strengths in service to our local and global communities.  The guidance of the mentor, connection to the natural world, and the establishment of trust within each group creates a space for each child to hear more clearly the wisdom arising from within her own heart.  The fundamental format of the course (outlined below) will remain constant for all three years, with the curriculum shifting each year from awareness of self, to awareness of community, to awareness of the planet as a whole.  Together we learn to honor the feminine and masculine energies within and around us.  In this time of rising social challenges, when many children in the modern world begin to turn away from nature in search of acceptance into popular culture, we offer a valuable opportunity for deepening connection, friendship, adventure, and service.

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Year Two Overview

We are blessed to live in a part of the world that has an abundance of individuals and communities dedicated to both innovative and ancient practices which steer our society toward a more harmonious relationship with the natural world.  In year two we expand our awareness to include the culture of our family, friends, and neighbors, including those who grow our food and are teaching us how to cultivate a resilient and compassionate local economy.  We will find inspiration in the stories and practices of the stewards of local biodynamic farms, permaculture education centers, cottage industries, homesteads, and intentional communities.  During our visits, we will engage our bodies, dirty our hands and sharpen our minds  as we help with natural building, food production, and tending the surrounding plant and animal communities. We will also engage in practices that support the holistic health of these communities, including compassionate communication practices, song circles, meal preparation, and interactive theater, sharing our own creative genius to inspire greater awareness and understanding throughout our community.

Commitment:  Far more than another extracurricular activity, Coming-of-Age Mentorship and Rites-of-Passage are a crucial missing link in our society. A serious commitment and prioritization on behalf of everyone involved is necessary for the highest integrity of this journey.

Full Program Description

Tenders Questionnaire Year Two

Parent and Participant Agreements Year Two

Please send your completed Year Two Questionnaire, signed Agreements, and a 25% deposit (send check by mail) to Nature’s Mystery P.O. box 741 Cottage Grove, OR, 97424.


Program Cost and details

In order to provide the richest possible experience for all participants, year two questionnaire is required.

Program Cost is $1270 for the second year, which includes eight nature excursions, eight wisdom council gatherings, a five-day camp with two overnights, as well as private interviews, phone consultations, and individual training plans. (Additional transportation and supply fees may apply.)

Full payment is due by Monday, September 4th 2017, unless special arrangements have been made.

**Our scholarship program is designed to provide greater access to nature education for those in need.  You can fill out a form online for all forms of financial assistance, including sibling discounts, payment plans, etc.  If you are able, please consider donating toward providing financial assistance to families who would otherwise be unable to attend and creating more nature immersion opportunities for the children of our community!

*Tenders of the Inner Tide is a female gender specific coming-of-age journey.  While we recognize and honor those of all gender identities we are not currently staffed to meet the needs of all individuals.  We hope to be able to in the near future.

Please call 541.521.8658 for more information.

Additional information

Child's Age

10-11 yrs old, 12-13 yrs old

Payment Amount

Quarter Payment $317.50, Half Payment $635, Full Payment $1270, Year One Transportation Costs $142.97, Dunn Payment $1162

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