Fawn Lily Farm & Forest Kindergarten

Nature’s Mystery Farm & Forest Kindergarten programs are based on the time-tested and highly successful European models of outdoor education, which stem from indigenous place-based models from around the world.  Outdoor Kindergartens have long demonstrated (and more recently documented) the positive correlation between regular exposure to prolonged outdoor exploration and enhanced cognitive development, balanced emotional states, physical health, improved concentration, as well as a general sense of well-being.  While this has proven to be the case for human beings at all stages of development, countless studies have shown such results to be most pronounced and long-lasting for children during the first six years.

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The Fawn Lily Kindergarten is located on a small farm, just outside of Cottage Grove 25-30 min South of Eugene), The Fawn Lily is an outdoor program, designed to supplement other more traditional Early Childhood programs. The vast majority of our time is spent exploring the forest, meadow, creek and farm surrounding the farmhouse. Each day is set to follow a consistent rhythm that helps to keep the children feeling safe and secure.

Our days begin with a morning circle, celebrating the gifts of each passing season. We use movements specifically designed to improve strength and coordination, leading to flexibility of body and mind, as well as songs of joy and gratitude, which remind us of the many blessings bestowed upon us each and every day.

Morning Circle is followed by chores for the adults and creative free play for the children. Young Children learn primarily through observation and imitation. By watching adults mindfully engaged in purposeful activities, children discover that chores are often as enjoyable as free play and will volunteer to help out, learning how to prepare and preserve food, gather firewood, knit and mend clothing, etc, in the process.

After chores and morning play, we come together for a wholesome organic snack and quiet nap time, accompanied by soothing music, and traditional storytelling. Stories are sometimes expressed as nature puppet plays. When the children become familiar with a particular story, they are give the opportunity to try out the roles of the different characters and reenact it as a play performance.

Our afternoons lead us into a deeper connection to life on the farm, where we will have opportunities to work in the garden, care for the animals and explore a wider terrain, for more self-guided creative free play, building up a strong appetite for a picnic lunch. We close our day together in gratitude for one another and all beings with whom we share our home. Program size will not exceed 10 students (5-1 student/instructor ratio). Rideshare options available.

Minimum Enrollment 5 Maximum Enrollment 10

Fawn Lily Application 2017

Fall Term Fridays, Sept 15th – Dec 15th  ($455)** (No School Nov 24th)

Winter Term Fridays, Jan 5th – March 23rd  ($425)** (Application Due Nov 15th)

Spring Term Fridays, April 6th – June 15th  ($425)** (Application Due March 19th)

2018/2019 School Year Fridays 9:00am – 1:00pm, Sept 14 – June 14th  ($1225 )** (Application Due June 30th)

Additional Fees. There is a non-refundable $35 application fee (waived for returning families and sibling registrations). There is a $75 arts and supplies fee for each child registered. There is also a $50 late application fee for tuition payments made after the dates indicated.


**(Please note that we are committed to making our programs accessible to all.  In addition to payment plans, and sibling discounts, we offer work trade and scholarships up to 75% of the total program cost. To apply for a scholarship, please submit the application below, at least two weeks prior to the application/registration deadline of the program for which you are applying.  No child will ever be turned away based on financial limitations alone.)

20% Discount for each additional child registered.


(Weather appropriate clothing, i.e. Rain: boots, pants, and jacket is required for all programs.  Parents will also need to pack a lunch, snack, and water for their children.  Children need to be able to carry their own backpacks.  Please note that programs may not be in session during regular no-school days, due to holidays, or extreme weather conditions.)

*Older children, or highly mature younger ones, will be considered for admission to any of our programs, on a case by case basis.

100% for the Environment!, 100% for Peace!, 100% for our Community! 


Nature’s Mystery is committed to providing the best possible nature immersion experience for all children, regardless of financial limitations. 

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Fall Term 2017, School Year 2017-2018, Spring Term 2018, Winter Term 2017


New Fawn Lily Family, Returning Fawn Lily Family

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