Fawn Lily Exploration Days

Friends of Fawn Lily Farm welcome all young friends of forest and farm to come play, explore, discover, and tend the magical lands and animals during our upcoming Exploration Days this fall, winter and spring!  We will start our day helping Farmer Katja care for the animals, including the rabbits, ducks, chickens, geese, goats, cows, and our baby bull, Bruno.  Then we will weave our way through the blueberry patch, across the stream and into the meadow, for our own morning snack and magical teas.  There will be plenty of space to run and play among the faeries, who often come to visit us, before we find our way back to a warm fire in our cozy cottage in the woods, where we will share a picnic lunch, stories and rest.



The Fawn Lily Kindergarten is located on a small farm, just outside of Cottage Grove 25-30 min South of Eugene), The Fawn Lily is an outdoor program, designed to supplement other more traditional Early Childhood programs. The vast majority of our time is spent exploring the forest, meadow, creek and farm surrounding the farmhouse. Each day is set to follow a consistent rhythm that helps to keep the children feeling safe and secure.

Nature’s Mystery Farm & Forest Kindergarten programs are based on the time-tested and highly successful European models of outdoor education, which stem from indigenous place-based models from around the world.  Outdoor Kindergartens have long demonstrated (and more recently documented) the positive correlation between regular exposure to prolonged outdoor exploration and enhanced cognitive development, balanced emotional states, physical health, improved concentration, as well as a general sense of well-being.

Exploration Day cost is $42 per child.  Space is limited to the first ten children registered. (To register, select the date on the registration form below.  If you would like to register for more than one exploration day, then add the first to your cart and return to this page to add more.)  Contact us at 541-521-8658,  if you have any questions regarding an upcoming exploration day.

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