Blue Heron

Our after school nature programs offer a wide assortment of outdoor games, stories, and activities that foster imagination, creativity and cooperation, while developing our natural senses, and encouraging personal inquiry. Many are variations on classic group games bringing in awareness of animals and the environment. Some are designed for quiet contemplation. Others are more active. 

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Ages 8-12*,  Thursdays 12:30-3:15

Water holds a nature fascination for children of all ages.  This term we will focus on exploring the natural sources and cycles of the water in our life.  We will also look at how human beings can alter the flow of water for irrigation and energy production through experimentation with dams, dikes, swales and canals. There will also be time allotted for story-telling, daydreaming and free play!  We will begin our day at the Eugene Waldorf School (Enrollment is open to all EWS and non-EWS students in Lane County).  Pick up will be at the lower field on Durbin St.  Program size will not exceed 12 students (or a 7-1 student/instructor ratio).

Full Term (Sept 15th – Dec 15th) $429 – Registration Closed

Session 1 (Sept 15th – Oct 27th) $254

Session 2 (Nov 3rd –  Dec 15th) $218

100% for the Environment!, 100% for Peace!, 100% for our Community! 

(Weather appropriate clothing, i.e. Rain: boots, pants, and jacket is required for all programs.  Parents will also need to pack a lunch, snack, and water for their children.  Children need to be able to carry their own backpacks.  Please note that programs will not be in session during no-school days.)

*Older children, or highly mature younger ones, will be considered for admission to any of our programs, on a case by case basis.

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Fall Term 2017 Both Sessions, Fall Term 2017 Session 1, Fall Term 2017 Session 2

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