Community Wisdom Councils

Join us for monthly Community Wisdom Councils with parents and community members who feel a desire to connect, reflect, and collaborate for the children and the common good. Wisdom Councils are an opportunity to strengthen our shared visions, acknowledge the feelings we each carry about the state of our world, and see what we can do together to begin embodying a local culture of wellbeing, mutual support, kindness, and belonging.

Saturday, August 10th – 3:00 to 7:00pm

Lake Dorena, Cottage Grove – RSVP required!

Please RSVP to for directions to meeting spot.

In heat and beauty of the summer, we are excited to meet lakeside for this special gathering and council.  From 3:00-5:30 is open time for swimming, games, conversation and dinner picnicking. Our council will begin promptly at 5:30 and end at 7:00pm. Childcare will be available during council. Please bring swim stuff, ground blanket or chair if desired, packed dinner/snacks, and sweater.



Council is an ancient communal practice of listening and speaking authentically from the heart. We use five simple guidelines in council: one person speaks at a time, speak concisely, listen without judgement, observe spaciousness between each share, and the specifics of who shared what are held in confidence. Each council will be guided by prompts and notes will be taken to track the emerging themes and inspirations of the group.

While each council in and of itself is a meaningful conversation that you are welcome to drop into at any time, there is also a progression from month to month, allowing us to deepen in trust and cultivate a shared vision that we are initiating from the groundedness of our collective wisdom.


Children are encouraged to join us. We have arranged for child care during council (5:20-7:00) that is afforded by participating parents. It is our intention to help facilitate a community held space for the children that supports their evening rhythm, as much as possible. If you need childcare in order to participate, please RSVP with their name(s), age(s), and anything else that would be helpful to know about them.