Coming Of Age Mentorship and Rites-of-Passage

In this time of rising social challenges, when many children in the modern world begin to turn away from nature in search of acceptance into popular culture, we offer a valuable opportunity for deepening connection, friendship, adventure, and service.

Our coming of age mentorship journeys are for the adventurous of heart, boys and girls who are ready to take their first steps into adulthood.  Together we learn to honor the feminine and masculine energies within and around us, as we deepen our sense of belonging with all of whom we share this land. We will sharpen our senses through awareness games, contemplative activities, embodiment exercises, resilience skills and open exploration. All activities and discussions are designed to inspire introspection, as we traverse the edges of growth and strengthen the bond within our group.

Warriors of the Noble Heart and Tenders of the Inner Tide are full coming of age journeys that foster a growing awareness of self, community, and planet over three years, beginning with a group of 9-10 or 11-12 year olds. Consistency and commitment over time are essential in cultivating many of the most invaluable gifts this journey and ongoing mentorship has to offer. For youth who are not yet ready for this commitment, we welcome them and their families to join us for Explorers of Sacred Lands, which offers an introduction to the culture and experiences of rites of passage, for ages 8-10 years old.

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