Nature’s Mystery Awareness School was founded in 2012 on the principle that the Earth itself is our greatest teacher. Every great chief, poet, philosopher and spiritual teacher from every tradition understood the universal interconnection of life. At Nature’s Mystery Awareness School we seek to reawaken a sense of reverence for every element of every organism in the hearts and minds of current and future generations. Our approach is inspired by the teachings and practices of our ancestors still held sacred among the few remaining individuals and cultures of the modern world who view each strand in the web of life as kin. We also draw from both Waldorf and Montessori models of education.

Come explore our magical world where your child will have the opportunity to learn directly from the land that sustains us, as we explore history, ecology, and native lore. Together we will deepen our nature awareness skills and uncover treasure all around. Our curriculum is specifically designed for families of the Southern Willamette Valley (including Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove and surrounding areas). All who are interested in alternative educational models, as applied to outdoor exploration are welcome to apply. Enrollment is currently open for children ages three to thirteen.

I see a world in the future in which we understand that all life is related to us and we treat that life with great humility and respect.” – David Suzuki



Coming-of-Age Mentorship
Enrollment Open for new groups starting Fall 2019; Ages 8-14